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For nervous patients: we have an onsite sedationist at our Balgowlah Smile Office

For patients with pain: we will see you on the same day, call us on 02 9907 9877

For patients with missing teeth: all implant treatment including surgical placement, from start to finish, will be done at our Balgowlah Smile Office

For patients with cosmetic concern: very experienced and capable dental team to provide world class dental care. Call us on 02 9907 9877

Veteran Affairs patients and eligible children with Medicare "The Child Dental Benefits Schedule" are all welcome

Cosmetic Dentistry

A combination of lifestyle and personal factors can result in teeth showing various faults or blemishes over the years. Balgowlah Smile Office offers a variety of world class dental treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.



A bright, white smile can dazzle the darkest room and with the Smile Office, it can be yours. Not all cosmetic procedures have to be expensive and time consuming- whitening can take an everyday smile and make it light up!


A simple procedure that takes only one hour can whiten your smile up to 14 shades. Using Zoom whitening, as seen on Extreme Makeover, your smile can be enhanced safely and instantly.


Your smile tells your story, it expresses your personality and your level of confidence. If you have a special occasion coming up, perhaps a promotion or new job or maybe you are just looking for a ‘lift’, why not speak to Balgowlah Smile Office today about how whitening can improve your smile.


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White Fillings

Advances in modern dental materials and techniques increasingly offer new ways to create more natural looking smiles. The continuing research that is taking place to find better, longer lasting and more natural looking materials in dentistry has resulted in dentists and patients today have several choices when it comes to selecting materials used to repair damaged or decayed teeth.


Composite Resin Fillings

Composite fillings can be an alternative to amalgam fillings. They are made of a plastic material mixed with small glass particles and are tooth coloured, rather than silver. They are suitable for repairing the front teeth and small to medium cavities in the back teeth. If used in larger cavities, composite fillings can wear out sooner and may be sensitive for a time after the procedure.

Inlays and Onlays were traditionally made of gold but are now often made of ceramic. With our state-of-the art CAD/CAM technology, and enamel-like material, you will have custom-designed and fabricated restoration to perfectly match your tooth and bring it back to its natural strength in one visit. You can avoid the impression materials, temporary and return appointment associated with lab-fabricated ceramic restorations.

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Veneers are excellent for treating chipped, discoloured, slightly mis-aligned or mis-shaped teeth or gaps between the teeth, especially if these defects affect the front teeth.

Porcelain veneers

These are thin, tooth-coloured porcelain (ceramic) shells carefully crafted to bond to and cover the front of unsightly teeth. They are a more conservative treatment than a crown and can often be used as an alternative if the underlying tooth is strong and healthy.

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Composite veneers

Tooth colour filling material (composite resin) is used to re-create or improve the natural colour of the tooth’s entire front surface. It is a conservative alternative to porcelain veneers.

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Crowns & Bridges

If you want to improve the appearance of one or more teeth in your mouth, why not consider a crown? Making your tooth stronger and improving its appearance at the same time, a crown has many benefits.


A crown can cover a tooth to create a better, more functional shape and size, along with covering any discolouration. Often considered when there isn’t much tooth left, a crown can cover a large filling and recreate the tooth. It can also be attached to a bridge or cover an implant.


Crowns and bridges can offer exceptional satisfaction for both our patients and dentists at The Smile Office. They can transform an unhealthy, unattractive dentition with poor function into comfortable, healthy occlusion capable of giving years of further services while greatly enhancing aesthetics.


A crown encircles all parts of the remaining tooth structure. As such it can strengthen and protect a tooth weakened by caries or trauma. It can be cast metal crown or metal-ceramic crown, which consists of a tooth coloured layer of porcelain bonded to a cast metal structure. Most lately, all ceramic crowns are widely available as it is the most aesthetically pleasing crown. Because there is no metal to block light transmission, they can resemble natural tooth structure better in terms of colour and translucency than any other option can. In addition, all ceramic crowns generally have good tissue response at the gum margin.


A bridge is often indicated where one or more teeth require removal or are missing. Such teeth are replaced by pontics that are designed to fulfil the function and often the aesthetics requirements of the missing teeth. Pontics are connected to retainers, which are the crowns on prepared adjacent teeth.


It is recommended that patients with crowns and bridges be recalled at least 6 months at The Smile Office. Less frequent recalls and check-ups may lead to the oversight of recurrent caries or the development of gum problems, or occlusal dysfunction.

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Reconstruction or Rejuvenation

Do you have a tooth or several teeth missing in your mouth? Or are you considering having a tooth removed without thinking to have it replaced? The consequences of tooth loss without replacement can be surprisingly complicated later on in your life.


The stability of an individual tooth depends on a balance of the forces exerted on that tooth by the adjacent and opposite teeth supporting tissues and by the soft tissues of the cheek, lips and tongue. When a single tooth is not replaced, this balance is upset. The consequence maybe be over-eruption of the opposing tooth or teeth, tilting of the adjacent teeth, and loss of proximal contact (with resulting disturbances on the health of the supporting structure and the bite).


There may be significant differences in the adaptive response of an individual in this imbalance. Individuals who have adapted to existing condition may feel comfortable with their dentition. Even in the absence of pain, however abnormal teeth wear, teeth or filling fracture, or chipping of incisal edges, maybe signs of Para functional activity. Moreover, being at times of emotional stress and general malaise, an individual may experience clinical symptoms, such as severe headaches, muscle spasm, and pain.


If you want to have a missing tooth or several missing teeth replaced or if you simply want to have those worn teeth restored to have a youthful smile again, please Click here to contact The Smile Office.

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