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For nervous patients: we have an onsite sedationist at our Balgowlah Smile Office

For patients with pain: we will see you on the same day, call us on 02 9907 9877

For patients with missing teeth: all implant treatment including surgical placement, from start to finish, will be done at our Balgowlah Smile Office

For patients with cosmetic concern: very experienced and capable dental team to provide world class dental care. Call us on 02 9907 9877

Veteran Affairs patients and eligible children with Medicare "The Child Dental Benefits Schedule" are all welcome

The Leading Dental Implants Clinic on the Northern Beaches

Damaged and missing teeth don’t just make it hard to eat; they can affect your speech and hinder self-confidence.

If you want to improve your teeth, the team at The Smile Office can help. We offer our patients the option of receiving dental implants; this procedure allows those with missing teeth to smile, speak and chew comfortably and with confidence. This treatment option is used when natural teeth are missing and preventative dentistry just isn’t enough; artificial substitutes to replace the root portion of teeth are put into the bone and gums of the mouth. Replacement teeth are then fixed onto these new roots.


Are you searching for a clinic that offers dental implants? From Mosman and Seaforth, to Balgowlah and Manly, The Smile Office has Sydney’s Northern Beaches covered. Whether you require a single tooth or your entire upper or lower jaw replaced, we can transform your smile via this routine procedure.


From Mosman to Manly, our implants are proving popular!

Why choose All–On–4 implant treatment?

  • Are you missing all natural teeth in one or both jaws?
  • Are you missing one or more teeth in a jaw?
  • Are you having difficulty wearing a regular removable denture because you gag, find the denture is too bulky, feel pain, or generally dislike something movable in the mouth?
  • Do you have an oral defect or missing mouth part because of an injury, surgery to treat disease, or birth defect?

If you answered yes to any of the above conditions or preferences, you may be a candidate for this procedure.

Located in Balgowlah, we are ideally situated for those in search of a clinic that offers dental implants near Mosman, Manly, Seaforth and other suburbs along Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Full treatment is provided using the leading brand of implant hardware in our comfortable state-of-the-art treatment rooms – as always, an emphasis is placed on patient care and comfort.


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Why All–On–4 dental implant treatment?

All-on-4 implants are a whole set of teeth for either the upper or lower jaw. They are comprised of a set of four implants and provide a permanent, hassle-free alternative to dentures.


Rapid improvement in quality of life

All-on-4 treatment is the ideal solution for edentulous or soon-to-be edentulous patients. On the day of surgery, four implants with a fixed full-arch prosthesis are applied – providing the patient with an almost instantaneous improvement in facial aesthetics, sense, speech and mouth function.


Shorter treatment times

There are two key elements that significantly reduce the complexity of treatment, the number of surgeries required and the overall recovery time. The first is tilting of the posterior implants; this prevents the need for lengthy bone grafting procedures. Immediate loading means that patients walk out of surgery with their new teeth already in place.


Lower costs

Fast and convenient, the All-on-4 treatment concept is more affordable in comparison to conventional implant procedures. Ultimately, this means that many patients are able to achieve a better smile sooner.


Stability even in minimum bone volume

Titling of the two posterior implants provides a number of benefits. By allowing the use of longer implants, bone-to-implant contact is improved and vertical bone augmentation is avoided. This method also allows for the implants to be anchored in better quality anterior bone, reducing cantilevers whilst also avoiding critical anatomical structures.


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