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Reconstruction Of Dentitions

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Case 4

Patient unwiiling to smile

Pre operatively, patient unable to eat efficiently and is embarrased to smile.

Upper and lower dentitions restored with bridge works.

Patient could enjoy eating again and smile confidently.

Case 5: After Perio TX

Patient lost a few teeth due to gum disease

Intra-oral view of dental condition

Full mouth reconstruction with crown and bridge works after gum disease treatment

Patient is happy with his smile now

Gum condition stable after treatment and patient can masticate confidently

Case 6

Patient has lost many teeth and aesthetically unacceptable

Remaining teeth continue to fracture due to unbalance bite

Patient has many root canal therapies done due to delay in proper treatment

Patient has almost whole mouth reconstructed with bridge works except lower front teeth

Patient is very happy with the results and had been maintaining it very well

After 14 years, these bridges still serve the patient well

Balanced bite on both sides